Just trying to do my part to help out the struggling musical theatre industry

Photo by Owen Barker from Pexels

The pandemic has been absolutely brutal for The Great White Way. They had just barely gotten back to business after the delta variant hit when omicron came and forced the cancellation of many Broadway show performances. Even entire productions closed for good, never to return.

And the shows that did…

My humble tribute to the greats we lost since Christmas 2021

“Four Ice Cream Cones” by Wayne Thiebaud

When a prominent figure whom you grew up with dies, it can have the power to reach back into the recesses of your brain and unearth some long ago locked away memory, that maybe even is only tangentially related to said celebrity. But actually being moved to write something more…

Marmi Maramot Le

Senior Business Intelligence Developer at UnitedHealth Group and former Jeopardy contestant https://youtu.be/aVfmp1XI6BE

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