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Original version published on my LinkedIn profile Nov 1, 2017

It all started Fall 2016 when my family of four found ourselves in a situation where I was the sole breadwinner for our household. Therefore, it was incumbent upon me to win more bread, and the following summer we relocated from Los Angeles to a new city. In another state. On the opposite coast.

Fast forward to October 2017. My family and I were well settled in our new home, and I had been at my new job for almost four months when we got hit with a healthcare financial…

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I grew up watching loads of TV. As an 80s kid, of course I loved all the usual cartoons and sitcoms. But I also was huge into all the children’s educational shows like 3–2–1 Contact.

I even watched this program on a local channel that was on every day after school called Homework Hotline. It was live, and kids from all over the Los Angeles school districts would call in. Either the English or the math teacher would work out the homework assignment question that the caller needed help with on the blackboard.

Never called in myself, but I was…

I did the thing everyone says to do if you are old enough to be Gen Z’s mom or dad and looking for a new job. I had failed yet again in my quarter century working life to get internally promoted, or awarded a raise that was higher than the inflation rate. …

Thanks for this really thought provoking reply, it really has me shook. You are right, what I did is really "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." This is the first time I tried to do something like this in all my working life.

I was already in my early 30s when I started the job that I would have for almost 11 years. After that, if I was not advancing fast enough at a job in terms of pay or role, then I needed to get a job with another company, which is why I'm now on my 7th…

I just looked at my audience stats, took me 11 months to reach 100 followers, and just this after 3 years being on here crossed 1k followers. Only today I have signed up for the partner program. Hoping to make some money here and there for little things like snacks since this is just for fun!

screenshot of my Liked Songs Spotify playlist that has Pulp in it

Here I go responding to my first #Writehere prompt! First thing that springs to mind for how to finish the sentence “I remember…” is one of the great bands from the height of the Britpop era. I have many fond reminiscences of those halcyon days — going to concerts and buying merch, reading NME and Melody Maker, seemingly every week going to the record store (mostly Poo Bah in Pasadena, California) and dropping a fair chunk of cheddar on the latest CD that Rodney Bingenheimer played on his KROQ show on Sunday nights.

Best of all, I even got to…

Anyone thinking about being a healthcare data analyst, it's a no-brainer to follow Stef! This article is gold. She is giving very valuable pointers to resources here; more often than not you are left to fend for yourself to find such specific useful information that is directly relevant for doing your job. Thanks for this great post!

Queen and rook ladder checkmate against Elle’s first opponent, Benk6

Denver, Colorado 14 February 2021: Young chess prodigy Elle Le has won the Elite Chess Academy online tournament by defeating six opponents out of a total field of 17 players. Going by the name PawnPanda, Elle battled her way to her first ever championship. Getting off to a slow start, she built up her momentum to ultimately come out on top. This tournament being her first pandemic competition, she had many obstacles that she had to overcome such as being in tears in the player Zoom meeting before the event commenced.

After a shaky start, Elle ultimately came back to…

Now after reading this, I don't think I'll be downloading this when the Android version comes out. Thanks for saving me the trouble Jon!

TQG fans will know why this pic is upside down. (Rare win vs. my husband)

Lately there have been a lot of articles out there about life lessons you can learn from watching The Queen’s Gambit. A couple of good ones are here and here. I suck at chess, but I do know enough about it to be able to offer my own insights such as:

  1. You Can’t Do It Alone — Beth Harmon was able to overcome her rough start in life and become a champion with the help of Mr. Shaibel, the janitor at her orphanage, her adoptive mom, and her friends.
  2. Money And Talent Are Not Everything — Beth’s mom was a…

Marmi Maramot Le

Sr BI Dev at Naviguard a UHG Venture and former Jeopardy contestant

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