Are you also INFJ and a Jeopardy loser? Then we have stuff in common

Me and my crocheted Bernie Sanders (photo by the author Marmi Le)

First, thanks to fellow MBTI “The Advocate” Quy Ma for accepting me as a writer here! Let’s get right to it then. As you can tell from the above photo, one thing About Me is that I am a political news junkie (although I do shy away from writing about…

I love The Purple One so much but especially Raspberry Beret apparently

Me at the Tribute to Prince in Los Angeles on May 6, 2016 in Los Angeles. Photo by the author (Marmi Le)

Even though it’s been five and a half years since Prince died, he still finds a way to come up for me every now and then. Mostly in relation to music of course, but even for seemingly unrelated things.

Like just last week when I went out for dinner with…

The meaning of Inspector Royale

Photo and (beautiful) t-shirt design by the author Marmi Le

If you landed on this article, then you either follow me (bless your heart and your check is in the mail) or are a massive fan of the Korean worldwide blockbuster show Squid Game. …

That’s it, that’s the whole title

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

L ately there seems to be so much squid in my life. You can probably guess due to the timing of this article that I am one of the millions of international fans of a certain show on Netflix.

My best friend wanted to make me a t-shirt for my…

The coveted “A” SWA boarding group, hope I get to cash in. Been stuck with “B” and even the dreaded “C” one too many times. Photo by the author (Marmi Le)

And I’m not even mad

Besides that a person can always have more


I joined Medium three years ago this month and have been publishing stories all this time, but only late September 2021 did I finally get it together to figure out how to properly set myself up to start earning money with the Partner Program. …

A data analysis article using pig lipstick and other animal beauty products

In business there is a classic “trilemma” if you will: Fast, Cheap, or Good — Pick Two. If your company’s name is Netflix, then you have the luxury of picking Fast and Good. For those with much shallower pockets, the choice is thus reduced to either Cheap and Fast or…

What To Do If You Are A Modern Gig Economy Parent

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Original version published on my LinkedIn profile Nov 1, 2017

It all started Fall 2016 when my family of four found ourselves in a situation where I was the sole breadwinner for our household. Therefore, it was incumbent upon me to win more bread, and the following summer we relocated…

Marmi Maramot Le

Sr BI Dev at Naviguard a UHG Venture and former Jeopardy contestant

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